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Resolutions & Letters of Support

Oct. 2015: Resolution in support of NYC Landmarks Law

"WHEREAS, East Harlem has lost much of its physical history to neglect, abandonment, demolition and recent redevelopment and such loss threatens the neighborhood’s unique culture; 

WHEREAS, East Harlem is home to only twenty individual landmarks, or less than 1.5% of all of the landmarks in New York City; (emphasis added)

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that Manhattan Community Board 11 (“CB11”) recognizes and celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Landmarks Law for the ongoing value of preservation and historic designation to our community’s—and our city’s—rich and distinctive history, character and heritage; 

and be it further RESOLVED, that CB11 urges elected officials to support and defend the Landmarks Law; to ensure the integrity, independence and integral mission of a strong LPC; and to protect the distinctive landmarks in our community, including those that are officially designated and those that remain unprotected;

and be it further RESOLVED, that CB11 urges the LPC to engage in ongoing dialogue and partnership with CB11 and its residents, businesses and friends to advance the designation of historic districts and structures throughout East Harlem." 

Sep. 2015: Housing Preservation and Development - CB11 supports Artimus Construction (East Harlem rezoning steering committee member) beginning conversations with HPD to gain control over Lot 34 on 126th Street and Park Avenue. Support voted by Full Board with two abstentions.

"We have met with representatives of Artimus Construction regarding their interest in developing a mixed-use project on Park Avenue and 126th Street. Artimus owns eight lots on the Park Avenue frontage of Block 1751 that are adjacent to a city-owned lot (#34) that would be included in the planned development site. According to their preliminary projections, the project would include approximately 66 residential units, 16,000 square feet of commercial space and 16,000 square feet of community facility space. After considering their development proposal, we endorse Artimus’ desire to begin conversations with HPD regarding their proposed development of City-owned property." (emphasis added)

Aug. 2015: Landmarks Preservation Commission - CB11 supports proposed alterations to install gates and fences at St. Cecilia's

May 2014: Landmarks Preservation Commission - CB11 supports proposed 8-foot long glass penthouse terrace design at 9 East 96th Street as "keeping with the aesthetic character of the building."

Mar. 2014: Board of Standards and Appeals - CB11 supports variance to remove parking requirements for mixed-use development at 1800 Park Ave.

Jan. 2014: Landmarks Preservation Commission - CB11 supports designation of Park Avenue Historic District, including one building in CD11 (1240 Park Ave.)

Public Design Commission - CB11 supports replacement of windows in Hecksher Building

July 2013: NYC Mayor, NYCHA, HUD, Congressman Rangel - CB11 issues zoning concerns with Bloomberg NYCHA infill plan

 Economic Development Corporation/Human Resources Administration - CB11 opposes Request for Proposal process for East-Harlem Multi-Service Center.

Department of Sanitation - CB11 opposes location of sanitation garage at 127th Street, betw. 1st/2nd Aves. due to oversaturation of garages, proximity to schools, parks

Department of City Planning - CB11 supports "Flood Resilience text amendment"

Apr. 2013: State Representatives - CB11 requests NYS representatives to support NYCHA Real Property Review Act

"The NYCHA Real Property Public Review Act, which was recently introduced in the NY State Senate and Assembly, would require that any disposition of land or buildings by NYCHA be subject to ULURP, thereby providing substantive public review, which is not currently required. We ask that you consider supporting this proposed legislation, and we encourage you to persuade your colleagues to do the same to allow impacted to communities to have a formal role in reviewing and influencing these developments. These projects will likely have a lasting impact on our community, potentially exacerbating the negative effects of gentrification without making any specific commitments to meeting the capital needs of our existing local NYCHA housing developments."

Mayor, NYCHA, HUD, Congressman Rangel - CB11 expresses continued opposition to NYCHA Request for Proposals process for infill development.