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Youth & Education


1. Call to Order– Adoption of Agenda

2. Presentations & Discussions

a. Request for a letter of support for DREAM Charter School’s application to extend their charter to include additional elementary and middle school seats for students in District 4, and potentially a high school to serve students in 9-12th grades (15).

i. Emily Parkey, Director of Family and Community Engagement & Government Affairs

b. Informational presentation on the Afterschool, Pre-K, Daycare, Schools and Education recommendations of the Steering Committee of the East Harlem Neighborhood Plan (30).

i. Emily Parkey, DREAM Charter School and Harlem RBI, and Elsie Encarnacion and Pablo Torres, Innovation High School

3. Informational Updates

a. East Harlem Youth Council Update (10)

i. Bylaws implementation/outreach

4. New Business

5. Old Business

6. Announcements

7. Adjournment